The enduring mission of 12 Stones Capital Partners is to create Generational Wealth with Real, Tangible Multifamily Property ownership; by virtue of delivering meaningful improvement to the communities we invest in.

Our Managing Partners

Casey Davis | Co-Founder

Co-founder of 12 Stones Capital Investments, is first and foremost a proud husband and father. Along with his wife Marta, they have 5 children from 1-25 yrs. Casey found his way into Multifamily investing after a decade of building and managing an off-grid homestead mission community in South Central Alaska.

Casey graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University and went on to earn his MBA in Finance.

Prior to Commercial Real estate, Casey served over 20 yrs in the Medical Device Market specializing in Clinical Strategy, Physician Integration, and Market Development. His unique background, along with his collaborative & infectious personality, have contributed to his success in Multifamily Investments.

Casey plays a crucial role in Sourcing Properties, Investor Relations and Deal Flow Management for syndicated opportunities ranging from $5M and up. Casey is tenacious in representing his clients, protecting their capital, and ensuring their investments exceed expectations.

His other passions include following the way of Yeshua /Jesus, pastoral ministry, scriptural history, early semitic language, fitness/crossfit, hunting, fishing, camping, and all things Alaska.

Shawn Brewton | Co-Founder

Shawn, co-founder at 12 Stones Capital Partners, grew up in Rural East Texas before attending Texas Tech Univ. where he received his Bachelor of Science. Before his real estate career, Shawn worked as a high school and professional football coach. Shawn then, began his Real Estate career as a Lending professional before becoming a highly-successful entrepreneur in single-family construction, management, and investing.

With over 20 yrs experience in most facets of residential construction and project management, Shawn can provide resources, expertise, and solutions to most any challenge Multifamily Investing offers. Shawn's gregarious personality, along with his relentless attention to detail, affords him the capabilities for accurate underwriting, exceptional investor relations, and trustworthy asset management.

Outside of Real Estate, Shawn is an avid Horseman, classic car enthusiast, and enjoys traveling with his wife Julia. They reside in the Houston Area have 2 grown boys.

Our Advisory Board

Tyler Deveraux


Tyler has been investing in real estate for over 14 years. Today, Tyler controls over 2,500 apartment units throughout five states, nearing $300MM. He sponsors and is a managing operator in new opportunities brought to market.

Todd Millar


With 15 years of Real Estate experience, Todd is a Co-Founder and COO of Multifamily Mindset. This company provides essential education and support for entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills to acquire their properties. Todd is a partner in over 2,000 apartment units with over $200 million in assets under management.

Our Core Values


This means that In all things and at all times, we speak the truth in love, even when the truth is not convenient. Excellence means knowing the truth and making commitments for improvement based upon this knowledge. The truth will always prevail, regardless of one’s affiliation to it. We will choose to side always with the Truth.


Serving in love and respect, everyone that we engage with. This means Finding a way to be a blessing and help to everyone we encounter. This doesn’t mean we will agree or partner with everyone, only that we will commit to blessing them when possible and be unencumbering otherwise.


Integrity means that our actions will be based on the above principles of honesty and service, without exception and regardless of circumstances.

Key principles:

· “out of the outflow of the heart, the mouth speaks”.

· “you will reap what you sow”.

Stewardship through the study of history

This means that as a guiding principle in our investment and operations strategy, we will study the past in an evidence-based approach to navigate the present and the future: Persistent interest in looking backward will serve us well as we look forward. “Those who do not learn history are destined to repeat it”


This means we will commit to keeping all lines of communication with our partners open, utilizing all reasonable methods early and often. We believe it demonstrates respect and consideration to reply to all known forms of communication when having receipt of a correspondence, even if the matter cannot be addressed at that time. You can expect this communication from our team.


This means we will never shy away from taking full responsibilities for our decisions and actions. This also means we will look to align with partners who also adhere to this level of ownership.

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